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So you have your dream job, or dream business...now what?  Maybe you have a few clients, maybe you have a little success?  But are you where you want to be?  Are the perfect clients flocking to your business or website?  Do you work any less, travel any more, or have more joy or fulfillment? Pull up a chair and learn more as we explore how to brew up the perfect cup of "success"...
(and yes, all my coffee references are just metaphors on how to create more business, more revenue, more success...& more joy... plus if you stick around I'll even show you some really awesome tips on how to make the perfect cup of coffee, just for fun!) 


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How To Brew Up The Perfect Cup of "success"...

The most common question I get is, what exactly do you do and how can you help me?  This is not a quick answer, but yet a simple one...What key area do you need help? Or maybe a better question, What is the one area in your business in life where you'd like to grow and become more successful? This is where I come in with my magic coffee beans and help you craft the perfect balanced, blended cup of Joe you could ever imagine.

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“...Entirely unique approach to all things growth. Focusing on the business owner behind the business, the people, then the business. "

Most of our clients have successful businesses, but just need a little help growing.  Whether that's the need for more traffic, an updated branding, an updated website, or a new message. Simply put, connect with more of the perfect clients. We have a full service digital agency that specializes in search engine marketing, traffic and conversion. 

Okay, what's the difference between consulting and coaching? With us, truthfully, not much!  Consulting typically involves growth + marketing plans, whereas coaching involves any key area(s) in your life or business where you'd like to find more fulfillment.  Success is the key and when we're working on your business, we may get a little personal!  

What does your organization need to hear about or learn more about?  We focus our talks all on mindset, business growth, and digital marketing strategies.  Through brain re-training anything can be achieved and most of our talks will include these strategies.  Heather is currently pursuing her certification in Google's Search Inside Yourself Program where she will be able to provide more training on mindset, personal growth, and business ROI through joy! 

Want your business or your job to flourish but not exactly sure where to start? This is the most common route as businesses grow, business owners often try to operate as a master barista while also running the business.  Sometimes a little review and direction is all that's needed to put a plan of growth in action. The first step is to create a strategy and implementation plan to achieve your goals.  









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all with expert advice, as much hand holding as needed along the way...and of course a shared cup or two of Joe to really cherish the moments of success, hopefully without an overdose of caffeine, but always with fun.

About Heather J. Crider & Company

There is a major epidemic in today's environment.  Some may call it a sickness or even a disease.  It's deceptive, yet easily diagnosed and often discussed during the morning's first freshly roasted aroma.  That's right, the skilled and many who possess potential are harnessed by what is called "overwhelm-itis" and it's getting worse. 

It's so contagious that it seeps from our pores. Affectionately, or not so affectionately labeled 'OI'. The name may not be catchy, but it's very real.  It comes from the demands of real life. 

Growing a business, or becoming a more successful individual comes down to a simple formula, understanding our thoughts.  But why is it so hard?  Because, we don't really know any better...okay, we do, but most of us aren't given enough skills.

This is why we have redefined the way success is achieved.  Because we believe in long lasting and meaningful success, all starting with our relationships. 

Success isn't just achieved by hustling, working hard, missing out on your children's baseball games and dance recitals. Success isn't about grinding out work 23 hours a day and praying for a miracle of success.  

Success is about a strategic plan. A formula, customized for each individual or business, hand crafted with the perfect blend and the most well balanced cup of coffee your mind could imagine. 

 This is why I love coffee so much. Because everyone thinks they know how to make a good cup. Most will say their cup gets them  by, but when they stop and look at what they're drinking, take time to appreciate it, get some good quality beans and pour over the perfectly prepared cup of coffee...this is when the magic happens.

Success is much the same way. No matter if your business needs more website traffic, or you need a complete overall with your career and life. You may have enough to 'get by' or the ingredients for an improved situation, but have you really stopped and realized where you're at, what you're doing, and where you really want to go?  

We meet you where you are currently and help you customize a plan to get you moving on a more improved path, likely with some better coffee beans. Even if your path is currently going well, how can you appreciate it more?  How can you find more fulfillment and joy?  

Having a more successful business, career, life, relationship, financial situation, spiritual belief, and over all life...all starts with a strategic plan, that comes from within.  This is what we do best.

This is what we help you uncover and achieve success beyond measure, fulfilled and extraordinary. 

Now pour me a shot of espresso and let's get going. 







Why Heather J. Crider & Company?

Still uncertain? unconvinced? We've created the top 5 reasons we may be a good fit for you

 (and a few reasons we may not)

What you see is what you get.  No BS. No fluff. Call it full disclosure, or full transparency, sprinkled in with some tough love.  But we've been known to care too much.  Although we can never care about your business or life as much as you do, we sure want to try.  

Convenient and flexible contracts. Although we always prefer long-term relationships, we do offer short-term contracts. 

Access to our arsenal of resources, experts, colleagues, and staff.  Your success is our number one goal and we always bring the best talent and resources to ensure you success.

Customized plans starting with an in-depth discovery and review process. We believe we should know as much as possible to help you develop the perfect plan. 

Experience.  Plain and simple.  You get us.  Our expertise, experience and heart!  And what this means is, you get results.  No matter if you're looking for more traffic to your business, or a plan on how to reduce stress.